Can a locksmith change all locks to same key?

Learn how to re-key your locks and use one key for all of them. Simplify your life and increase your home security with this easy process.

Can a locksmith change all locks to same key?

Instead, a new key will be needed. In many circumstances, changing the keys in the locks makes more sense than changing them. For example, if all the locks are the same brand or have the same type of lock but use different keys, you can have the locks changed to work with the same key. You can change the key in the locks to match the existing keys only when the locks have the same key ring.

To check if the new lock uses the same slot, pick up the key you want to use and check if it slips through the hole in the new lock. If you slide in, the new door lock can be changed to use the same key. If the key doesn't slide inward, the lock cylinders (keys) are different and that lock cannot be made to work with that key. All homes can change the lock key to a single key and can be designed to prevent thieves from bumping into and poking around.

The first step is to check if all the locks are compatible with a common key ring. Test all the keys in the house on the different locks. Does one of the keys fit the others? Some locksmiths may tell you that you should change your locks. But in many cases, you can simply change the keys, which means changing the existing locking system to work with a new key.

A locksmith simply replaces glasses and pins to create a lock that can be opened with a new key. The locksmith can also check the condition of the lock and add lubrication to maintain the lock. When you buy from a locksmith or hardware store, they usually change the key in the locks to match a different existing key at no cost. Let's say you bought a home, but there are one or two locks in the house that work with a different key than the rest of the locks (or you just don't have a key for one or two of the locks).

Whether you've moved to a new home or been in your home for a decade, it may be time for a professional locksmith to change your keys or change your locks. If you make a mistake, pins and springs will fly everywhere and a local locksmith will charge more to reassemble them. This service is more expensive than changing the key to the locks, since you pay not only for the locksmith's labor, but also for the hardware of a completely new locking system. This makes it easier, since it ensures that the correct pins are used for trouble-free operation, but it also increases the workload, since you may have to re-insert the key into all the locks (rather than just the new ones).

To save money, always carry them to a lock, don't install them (so the locksmith doesn't have to go to your location).

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